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Park Lane Seaport Enjoying Summer on Rose Kennedy Greenway

June 2, 2023

Happy June, it’s finally summertime! The warm weather brightens our spirits, lifts our moods, and increases our energy. Especially for people who are out of school for the next couple of months, they need a place to release all that excitement. Even those who don’t get a ‘summer vacation’ need a place to get out, have fun, and love this beautiful weather. That perfect place, Rose Kennedy Greenway

Stretching a mile and a half in length the series of linked parks hosts a variety of attractions, events, and revolving art exhibits. Gardens, festivals, sculptures, memorials, and popular food trucks draw crowds. The Greenway is the ideal place to relax, have fun, soak up the sun, and experience that special ambiance that makes Boston, Boston. 

There are so many incredibly fun things to do on the Ross Kennedy Greenway. Take a spin on the one-of-a-kind carousel featuring creatures from land, air, and sea – a butterfly, whale, and grasshopper are just a few options. You could also cool off in the splash areas and fountains. Shop at the open market, and visit the outdoor art installations. Make sure to then visit the multitude of delicious food trucks and release your inner foodie. 

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