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The secret’s out

Colette Lounge Is Now Open Near Park Lane Seaport

October 6, 2021

If you’re in desperate need of a night out, whether that’s a date night or girls’ night out, you’re going to want to hit up Colette Lounge. This newly opened hot spot is earning rave reviews for its drinks, food, and overall speakeasy ambiance.

If you’re going for the drinks, there are a few quick favorites to choose from. The Southern Hospitality features Don Julio Blanco tequila with lime, lychee, guava, and Watermelon Red Bull. While it sounds like an odd combination of flavors, it works. There’s also the Red Eye Fashioned, which is Bullet Bourbon with cold-brew coffee for an extra jolt.

If you want to pair some eats with your drinks, there are many tasty options that are essentially elevated bar food. You’ll find catfish bites, ceviche with tortilla chips, loaded fries, lobster rolls, fried chicken sliders, and more. It’s an eclectic mix of plates which means there’s a little something for everyone. So give it a try and see what you think!

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