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Now Open Near Park Lane Seaport: Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

August 12, 2021

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Head to Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea. This new boba tea spot has been open just about a month now, serving up ice-cold traditional Asian teas for every palate. Using Taiwanese tea, natural cane sugar, fresh fruit, and organic whole milk, each tea is bursting with flavor and made with love. It’s not a chain, and it’s inspired by the owner’s grandmother—Yi Fang. Her grandmother used the pineapples made from their pineapple farm to create a jam that she used in her drinks. The owner has used that creativity for inspiration and to honor her grandmother with this venture!

If you’re in the mood for coffee, try the black tea macchiato. For fruity tea, try the passion fruit iced green tea. For something extra sweet, the pearl black tea latte is a good one to try as it features extra sweet brown sugar. There are tons of options, so if you get overwhelmed easily it may be a good idea to order ahead of time online so you can think through what you want. They make it easy and you can order for pickup at the store, or for delivery via a few different options.

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