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Sip Vietnamese Coffee at Phinista, Now Open Near Park Lane Seaport

October 28, 2020

A “phin” is a Vietnamese-style metal coffee filter that one expert describes as “a cross between the pour-over and French press.” It’s at the heart of Phinista, a Vietnamese coffee shop that recently opened in Fenway-Kenmore. And although it’s still new to town, patrons are already raving about the rich coffee created thanks to the phin.

If you’re looking for a way to unwind, the soothing aroma and flavor of the cafe lavender should do the trick. Using the phin, a barista brews a rich cup of java and adds a dash of delicious lavender, along with a light splash of cream to make the warm beverage even more enticing. Enjoy cone-shaped crepes stuffed with fruit and whipped cream while you sip on your coffee. While Phinista supplies hand sanitizer and requires masks and social-distancing in the cafe, note that it does not currently offer takeout or delivery.

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