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Clover Food Lab Debuts Near Park Lane Seaport

February 17, 2020

Clover Food Lab is a fitting name for Ayr Muir’s local chain of restaurants. After all, the MIT grad is constantly inventing new dishes, often with the help of his customers. He opens up his food development meetings to the public so that everyone has a say in the fresh plant-based dishes that land on his vegetarian menu.

With creative, ever-changing dishes, it’s no wonder why Clover Food Lab is constantly expanding—in fact, a new location recently debuted near you. It boasts the same plant-heavy breakfast, lunch, and dinner food as the other branches. Stop in for a breakfast sammy featuring vegan “impossible” sausage, plus eggs and cheese, or buttermilk-battered crimini mushrooms tossed in a honey-Sriracha glaze (the Bridgewater platter) with a locally sourced side of kale and a garden salad.

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